Know God

The first step of discipleship is the first goal of our outreach: to introduce individuals to God. The Creator of the universe is higher than all things, but he wants to know you. Here at FBC Winnie we develop a knowledge and relationship with God through reading of the Word and development of a prayer life. This is the bedrock principle of our church: to Know God.

Grow Together

In Hebrews 10:25 we're told not to "forsake the assembly," and it isn't hard to see why; people are stronger together. By building relationships with each other we gain a sense of community and - importantly - accountability. Through group bible study, Sunday school, and the occasional BBQ we're committed to Growing Together!

Pay It Forward

This is the sum of the parts - to be like Christ. As He died for all men, we are also expected to be supernaturally generous. A mature Christian who Knows God and has Grown Together with other Christians will naturally Pay It Forward. Our church services, bible studies and get-togethers have all led to this: community outreach. We're going to fulfill Christ's Great Commission: to go forth and make disciples of all nations!


Welcome to First Baptist Church of Winnie Texas. It is our goal to reach families with the message of Jesus Christ. We want to help them have a more fulfilled life and teach them how they can truly experience the best that God has for their life. Each of our ministries has this goal in mind and they are all part of our plan to help those around us come to know Christ.

Our Ministries


Kids For Christ is our children's ministry. We help with home work, sing songs, play games, and learn the Bible!


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Men's Ministries


Other Ministries

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