Music….. everyone loves music!  Simply take a look around and you will notice people with ear buds listening to their favorite songs, the latest hits rocking in passing cars, and tunes playing in almost every store or shop you enter. We are a culture where music is very important.  At FBC we have an adult choir, youth choir, and children’s choir.  We also have various groups of singers and bands that play together. In fact we even have a handbell choir.  We are very diverse in the music that we play.  Sometimes we play songs that are geared toward children, sometimes we play contemporary Christian, traditional hymns, and even old country Gospel songs. We have found that what works best for us is this….. whatever you sing, sing it with excellence and whatever you sing, sing it unto Jesus.  The purpose of all of our music is to inspire you to live for Christ and to worship Him.  We strive to help you encounter Jesus through the songs we sing.