What’s Happening at First Baptist, Winnie?

As I continue to read and to study about the condition of our churches in the United States, I have been very alarmed. Statistics show that 85% of the churches in our country are either plateaued or declining. Another statistic shows that an average of 100-200 churches close their doors every week. These are extremely disturbing numbers and a cause for great concern and even more prayer.
In the midst of this declining trend, God has chosen to do something very special right here in Winnie, TX. Over the last several months, First Baptist Church of Winnie has been steadily growing. God has been moving in the lives of the members and they have united with a vision to reach the community. As individuals, they are beginning to spend more time in prayer and daily bible study, they are attending church services regularly and are asking God to use them to reach our community.
Anyone driving down Hwy 124 on Easter Sunday could tell that something was stirring at FBC. The parking lot quickly filled up as parking attendants helped to park cars in the empty lot next to the church. A light breakfast was served at 9:45 while people continued to gather for the 10:15 Easter Program. With people still pouring in, the children began to lead everyone in singing followed by the praise band, hand bell choir and adult choir. It was quickly evident that none other than Jesus The Risen Savior was the star of the show. After all of the singing, I shared about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and explained how we have hope through Christ. The day ended with dozens of children lined up to participate in an egg hunt with over 3000 eggs. At the end of the day, I was told that over 350 people had been in attendance. It is my understanding that this is a record attendance for Easter in a church that has been around for almost 100 years! God is truly doing an amazing thing at FBC Winnie.
Due to the continued weekly growth, FBC Winnie is now going to offer two Sunday morning Worship services. One for the “early birds” will begin at 8 am and the other will begin at 10:45. Sunday school will be at 9:30. The service will be exactly the same.
I have been asked several times why I thought the church was growing at such an exciting pace. As I began to ponder the question, I knew it wasn’t because of me or any other individual, but rather because God was wanting to do something great in our community. Maybe He is answering all of the prayers that have been prayed for almost a century. Maybe, He is honoring those who have labored faithfully through the years. Regardless of why God has chosen to move in our community, I for one consider myself blessed to be a part of what He is doing. If you want to be a part…. simply feel free to join us!

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